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We believe that collaboration is the key to innovative design solutions. Our differences generate the strength in our team.

By harnessing Mike’s design talent and eye for the technical quandaries with Pablo’s understanding of the visual medium and Cate’s flair for melding performance with design, Bryte can offer a matchless service to you, the client. Simon brings his design skills to the table as the omnipotent project manager. Bryte has recently welcomed design graduate Flora to the team and is always on the lookout for the right person to come on board.

By pooling our individual skill sets we are able to optimise what we can create and deliver for you; as a team.

Show & Lighting Design

Likes to take off in her VW camper to find inspiration by the sea or in the mountains, all nicely framed through the gentle glow of gin.


Cate Carter
Creative Director

Show & Lighting Design

When not walking in wild, wet and windy West Wales, Mike is a dedicated and deft DIYer and the go-to person for all things IT.


Mike Smith
Managing Director

Video Designer & Producer

When not attached to a computer, can be found on long walks with Tia the Springer Spaniel.


Paul ‘Pablo’ Beckett
Visual Director

Enjoys delving into post-modernist literature. Currently deconstructing Ten Little Dinosaurs and that iconic classic, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, with his daughter.


Simon Harris
Video Design & Project Manager


Flora Harvey
Design Assistant